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About Us

EM Vidya has been established to provide world class education focussed on improving level of competency and performance of the student. EM vidya is backed by extensive research of more than 5 years of analysis by group of IIT Alumni on the competitive examinations. The pedagogy of the course is tailored to provide feedback and establishing concepts based on step wise solutions. EM Vidya uses Technology powered platform to monitor the student progress and behaviour in the classroom.

Based on student abilities and the student's study skills, EM Vidya will create an individualized study plan. Students commonly begin EM Vidya at an 'easy starting point' to build study habits, concentration and a strong understanding of the fundamental topics.

We provide a level of difficulty that aims to challenge students so they remain motivated and can learn independently but not so difficult as to discourage them. Students are tested at the end of each topic but they do not pass or fail; rather, they are given the chance to practice until they have demonstrated a sound understanding of the material. Once this is achieved, students can progress to more advanced topics.

Every study session is timed, marked and recorded to track progress by EM Vidya platform-which uses state of art technology; to assist the EM Vidya Instructor when planning a student's future study.